Free Instant Google Ads Audit Report now available!

No more waiting! A fast, easy, secure way to evaluate and start optimizing your Google Ads account today!

Google Ads has been a source of new leads and sales for many small and large businesses. If you’re like most advertisers on Google Ads, increasing leads and conversions while minimizing wasted ad spend is most likely your priority.

With limited time, resources, and expertise you can rely on, you’re busy keeping up with the everyday tasks rather than growing your account.

Keeping such client pain points in mind, we have launched a free online tool that can help businesses easily and quickly audit their Google Ads account.

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching our free Instant Google Ads Audit Report !

Our goal is to create a tool that can identify gaps & opportunities, suggest better relevant settings, and make recommendations that will help you increase your performance and minimize any budget waste.

We wanted to provide a way for businesses to quickly and easily evaluate their account without having to wait a few days for someone to review.

Lia HeaivilinCo-founder, CEO of Digital PowerUp

How does the Instant Google Ads Audit Report work?

Your time is valuable so we made this quick and easy.

There are only 2 steps needed: you simply provide minimal information about your business, log in using your Google Ads credentials, and our system will analyze different parts of your campaigns and provide you with a report right on your browser.

No account, credit card, or download needed to use this service.

Once you have your report, you can review and start optimizing your campaigns right away!

For your convenience, you can email a copy of the report so you can review later.

What insights does the Instant Google Ads Audit Report provide?

There are 7 parts to this report. It will give you a snapshot of where you are today and where you should be. It also provide any benchmarks and recommendations that might be applicable to your account.

The data analyzed include:

  • Quality Score (QS)
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Impression Share (IS)
  • Ad Schedule
  • Location Targeting
  • Wasted Ad Spend
  • Optimization Recommendations

By quickly identifying where the gaps are, you can easily start optimizing your account for better results.

Is this tool safe & secure to use?

This tool is created using Google Ads API, allowing you to log in using your own Google credentials. We do not receive your Google password in any way.

Because you’re using Google to log in, you can rely on Google’s advanced security as well.

All personal information and data are processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Will Digital PowerUp be adding more features to the report?

We’ll be updating our report on a regular basis by adding more features and data points to analyze. We’re also launching a dashboard in the near future so you can log in to easily get more insights.

Our goal is to provide more value and insights that will help you succeed so we’ll continue to dedicate our resources and develop tools that will do just that.

What if I need help with my Google Ads account?

Need further assistance identifying gaps & opportunities to maximize your budget while reducing budget waste?

Our team of certified Google Ads experts can review your account and share additional insights within 24 hours of account access- no fee, no BS.

If you need help managing your account, we can review and let you know how we can grow your account.
To learn more, check our Pay-Per-Click page or contact us to get your custom quote.

Can I get weekly updates to my audit? 

If you’d like to track your progress and improvements, you can run your audit report as often as once a week.  

Simply come back to our audit registration page, log in using your Google Ads credentials, and re-run the report to get the most up-to-date version.  

If you happen to run the report in less than a week, you’ll simply get a copy of your last report until a new report can be generated.  

What’s the date range this Google Ads audit tool evaluates? 

Our audit tool reviews and evaluates the last 30 days.  

What if I have questions or comments about the Instant Audit Report?

We welcome all questions and feedback!

Have questions about how this report works or how to use it? Have suggestions on how we can improve the audit report?

Email us at or call us at 1-800-710-1275 M-F 9am-5pm PST.

Ready to try our Instant Google Ads Audit? 

Click below to get your audit report now.  

Instant Google Ads PPC Audit Report Tool Software

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